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Poster for the ICU at Skejby Universitetshospital Århus


A bit of poster work

This poster was made as a thank you present for the ICU at Skejby Universitetshospital Århus.

Amidst all the grimness and all the illnesses they have to deal with every day, they manage to stay human and caring.

The image itself is meant to represent the different facets of what we are. It is meant to remind you of the fact that even though we are sometimes faced with the worst possible scenarios, we have to remember that we are here today, and that we can stay as human in life as we can in death.

A digitally remastered image of an avatar


This was a piece I did a while ago. I sat down and drew it on a piece of paper first, and it was completely straight lines, no smudging or anything, not even sketch lines, which is unusual for me. About a year later I returned to it and decided to work on it in Photoshop, and I started off by doing the line-art with my mouse, and then about halfway through the actual painting process I bought my trusty Wacom tablet, which I finished the job with.

Her name is Andromeda, and she's the captain of a pirate space ship. The ship itself isn't too big, and the crew is formed of a select few individuals. Who they are I have nooo idea, I haven't gotten that far.

In the beginning I toyed with the idea of her having to wear that helmet due to her having some accident as a child and her eyes becoming extremely light-sensitive, but lately I've been pulling more towards the idea of her having a sun/supernova inside her head. Don't ask how, just accept it :P.

I wanted the picture itself to indicate the gritty environment she lives in, and I though the contrast between the grays, oranges and greens did that well. I had originally wanted to make her purple, but as it turned out that was a horrible idea.